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Here are some websites that are related to my craft and/or some that you may find interesting

This is my real job. If you are interested in relocating to the Raleigh North Carolina area, we will be glad to build your dream home. Many of the current projects are listed here as well as some photos of things we have done in the past. Take a look!

Here you will find literally a world of puzzles and a great deal of information about them. Here John features many types of puzzles including puzzles by the designers and many skilled craftsmen. There are quite a few of my puzzles displayed on this site featured under the Designers and Craftsmen section. In fact many of the photos on this website were taken by John. Thanks John!

Lee is producing some of the finest puzzles you will find. He is making some very unique designs of his own as well as some of the designs by Mr. Coffin. He has some very original ways of making his puzzles, sort of an unconventional machining method. Take a look at what he has!

Joe and Matt have a great selection of exotic woods. They travel all over the world to bring home the beautiful woods they have in inventory. I enjoy going to their shop (it is not too far from where I live) and hand picking the stock I use in my puzzles. They are located in Hubert, North Carolina.

Myles has a big selection of exotic woods. They are a great source if you are wanting to build something special with some of the most beautiful woods in the world. They are located in Portland, Oregon.

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