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Welcome to the BartArt website. Here you will find many unusual designs made of some of the most beautiful woods in the world. Most of the products here are wooden puzzles. All of them are hand crafted, made one at a time in my shop and not in a large factory. So many of the items are made to order. I do however, have some items in "stock" from time to time. Look around and enjoy yourself.

Most of the puzzle designs that I make are designs by Stewart T. Coffin. Mr. Coffin is is recognized as the world's best designer of polyhedral interlocking puzzles. To date, he has more than 190 original designs (with many variations) to his credit. He has been an inspiration to me and challenged me to build and make things I thought were impossible. Because of his generosity I am able to enjoy making many of his puzzle designs and share them with you. 



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