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Square Faces

Product Name: Square Faces

BartArt ID:

Type: Wood'n Puzzle
Sub Type: Interlocking
No. of Pieces: 6
Difficulty: Difficult
Designer: Stewart T Coffin
Designer Code: STC-74
Wood Options: Yes - 1, 2
Approximate Size 21/2in X 21/2in X 2/1/2in
Unit Price: $75.00
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Puzzle Information & Comments:

This puzzle is based on the Pusedo Diagonal Burr puzzle with 12 additional notched blocks that are attached, making 6 dissimilar non-symmetrical pieces. Two solutions.

All of the puzzles come with a card briefly describing the puzzle with some "hints" on how to assemble and disassemble the puzzle. So take care (maybe even notes) when you disassemble the puzzle so that you will be able to reassemble it.

Note: You should not have to force any pieces apart or together. However, because of the nature of the wood, humidity may effect the way the puzzle will fits together.

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